Membership Application

Mid-Atlantic Koi Club (MAKC) is an association of Koi, Goldfish and Water-Garden enthusiasts who gather to expand their knowledge and appreciation of the hobby. The club meets at convenient regional locations in the Mid-Atlantic area. 

The Family/Individual Membership dues are $30 per year. Membership renewal date is one year after membership application has been accepted. You will be notified when your membership is up for renewal.
A two-month grace period is given before removal for non-payment of dues.

New member dues will be prorated the 2nd year to bring them current to the fiscal year.

              Joining month: Jul   Aug     Sep     Oct    Nov   Dec   Jan    Feb    Mar   Apr    May     Jun

     Prorating 2nd year: $30- $27.50 $25- $22.50 $20-  $17.50 $15-  $12.50 $10-  $7.50  $5-  $2.50

We do not sell/offer/trade/distribute member information to outside enterprises

MAKC Membership Application (pdf)


MAKC Bylaws

Bylaws 2015 (pdf)