Local Chapters of Mid Atlantic Koi Club

MAKC Executive Committee


Herb Ehrich

(845) 247-7105


MAKC Facebook Page



Binnie Pasquier bunkapass@optonline.net

Kris Savage



Anthony Vitale

(516) 420-0740


Membership Chair

Nancy DeVaux



Long Island Chapter

(covers the Long Island area)


Steve Borakowski



MidHudson Valley Chapter

(covers the area of Hudson Valley)


Rosemary Vena



Chapter Facebook Page:


South Chapter

 (covers the area of MD, Washington DC, VA and WVA)  

Bob Bianchi

(703) 753-7566



Contact the local chapter in your area to find out how you can benefit from becoming a member.

   Local Chapters will have their own up to date information on meetings and upcoming trips and information on the Events Calendar page.

Contact the MAKC direct at:


Joining a Club in your local area

  Joining a local pond and water garden club is one of  the first things in getting to know your pond keeping community.

    Clubs are an invaluable resource for information on managing your pond, taking care of your pond water, your fish and plants. Getting together with other members can be lots of fun as you share experiences and care of your pond and water garden. 


Club members are really committed to learning, sharing experiences and information on becoming better pond keepers while helping others along the way. Members share the many ways they have taken to care for their ponds. Members represented a mix of large ponds and small ponds. Rock and gravel ponds, concrete ponds, preform ponds, koi ponds, goldfish ponds, mixed fish ponds and water garden ponds.


Meetings are lots of fun and will always have a topic of interest to pond keepers. Your meeting host supplies beverages and eats so you won't go hungry!  Most of our Chapters offer regularly scheduled meetings and get togethers that allow for an open exchange of information with other club members in person.


Clubs also offer pond tours. Some clubs host koi shows or organize trips to koi and goldfish shows. Pond tours are fun and allow for up close interactions with other pond keepers and personal exposure to methods and approaches to pond keeping that successful pond keepers use. Pond tours can be self-guided or even done from a tour bus! 


   We would like to encourage pond owners to join and become active in their local pond and water garden clubs. The benefits are tremendous and the people are great! The hobby and lifestyle need the grassroots strength of the clubs. Chances are there is a club near you just waiting for you to join! So what are you waiting for?